Language Campus welcomes students from all four compass points. Yes, North, South, East, and West. In the second of a series introducing you to our international language learners, meet Jessica.

1.) Hola, Jessica. Where in the world were you born and raised?
I was born and raised in Sicily, an island in the south of Italy, in an Etna town in the province of Catania.

2.) Where are you based now?
I have been living in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for a year and a half but I often return to Italy to continue my master’s studies.

3.) What are you studying?
I study languages, I studied English, Chinese, Spanish and Lis (Sign Language) in the three-year course and now I’m doing a master’s degree to specialize in teaching Chinese, Spanish and Italian to foreigners.

4.) What made you want to learn Spanish?
Some time ago two of my friends had come to Gran Canaria to study and do their internship, they told me very highly of Gran Canaria. I was intrigued by the climate, the natural beauty, from the beaches to the mountains and above all I fell in love with the people who live there.

5.) Why Gran Canaria?
Listening to Spanish songs made me want to study and learn Spanish, I was very curious about the Spanish language and also its culture.

6.) Are the Canary Islands well known in Italy?
Yes, they are very well known in Italy, the Italians speak very well about them and many of them go to Gran Canaria on vacation and then move here.

7.) How did your friends and family react when you told them you were coming to the Canary Islands?
Both my family and my friends were very happy that I came to study and to carry out my internship in Las Palmas, I think also a little envious of my choice.

8.) What attracted you to Language Campus?
The organization and the different innovative teaching methods attracted me. Language campus gives you the opportunity to learn a language with a native teacher and it is also possible to participate in summer camps that allow you to learn a language in various parts of the world.

9.) What about your favorite phrase?
My favorite phrase is “Sin prisa pero con ganas”, it literally means that you shouldn’t be in a hurry to do something but you should always have the desire to do it, and that’s exactly how you reach the great goals.

10.) Out of the lessons, what was your most memorable discovery on the island? And why?
Surely one of the most memorable discoveries was the Canarian climate, its natural beauty and the Canarian people who welcomed me and made me feel at home from the first moment.

11.) What souvenir will you buy?
Bottles of Ronmiel de arehucas and mojo.

12.) What will be your longest lasting memory?
I have many memories on the island but certainly the most lasting memory will be the experience carried out within Language Campus as it allowed me to learn new things, new methods, from the point of view of teaching and to grow professionally.