Poema del Mar Aquarium

Poema del Mar is an aquarium located in the centre of Las Palmas.

Get ready for a jaw-dropping, out-of-this-world experience and a deep dive into the blue world. You’ll be able to see extraordinary ocean creatures through the largest glass window pane in the world.

Some of Poema del Mar’s inhabitants include turtles, exotic fish, king crabs, manta rays, and hammerhead sharks. It is a fun and educational activity for our students! So, have you ever had the chance to stand on a cylindrical fish tank tunnel? You’ll feel like you’re a part of the ocean!

The aquarium is divided in three thematic areas: The Jungle, Deep Ocean and Reef-Beach, each one with its own species and specific ambiance. Our students will learn about conservation efforts and the characteristics, ecosystems and threats of each species of fish, amphibians, invertebrates and reptiles.